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Disciplinary Procedures



A.      General Ordinances

1.      Our church is liberal, forgiven, and Christian. Love your enemies and turn the other cheek are requirements to live the true Christian life on this earth. Brothers and sisters, we must walk the talk.

2.      The word discipline comes from the word “disciple” which means, basically, that we are disciples of Christ and must conduct ourselves accordingly.

3.      An oversight board of members designated as the Brothers and Sisters of the Faith shall be responsible for matters of church discipline.

4.      The Brothers and Sisters of the Faith will have the final say in rendering any discipline. The Brothers and Sisters of the Faith are comprised of:

a.      The Bishop

b.      The Senior Pastor of the particular ministry of the member under investigation

c.       The senior ordinal of the particular ministry of the member under investigation

d.      Two lay persons of the church appointed by the Bishop.


B.      Rules of Conduct

1.      The Aha Hui Mamalahoa Christian Ministry operates under the discipline of the New Monasticism. This means that all are unpaid volunteers. Hence, there are no disciplinary procedures for employees because no one is employed. If by State law and Internal Revenue Service the corporation executives must receive compensation, then such compensation shall not exceed one United States dollar per calendar year.

2.      All designated pastors and members shall conduct themselves as Christians. The common denominator among us all is this: If there is any question regarding a particular mode of conduct, ask yourself: “What would Yeshua (Jesus) do?”


C.      Disciplinary Review Board

1.      In all matters of concern where a report is received that any member of this church is  conducting himself or herself in a manner contrary to our Christian heritage, the following shall apply:

a.      At least three members of the Brothers and Sisters of the Faith (BSF) shall meet as a Disciplinary Review Board.

b.      The DRB shall appoint a member of the church to investigate the matter.

c.       The investigation must be completed by two months.

d.      The DRB will review the investigation and render a decision. The decision will take one of two possible positions:

(1)   Unsubstantiated

(2)   Evidence sufficient to take disciplinary action.


D.     Procedural Issues

1.      If the matter is believed to be a criminal matter, the police shall be notified immediately.

2.      If the person charged with and violation of the rules of conduct is a corporate officer or a member of the Brothers and sisters of the Faith, that person shall be Excused.

3.      The Bishop or senior pastor in line of succession shall appoint an alternate.


E.      Grounds for Discipline


1.      Sexual misconduct

2.      Theft of church funds

3.      Mistreatment of family members

4.      Mistreatment of fellow church members

5.      Preaching doctrine totally contrary to the established church doctrine of Aha Hui Mamalahoa Christian Ministry. Examples include, but are not limited, to the following:

a.      Stating publicly that there is more than one God

b.      Stating publicly that Yeshua (Jesus Christ) was not the Son of God the Father

c.       Being directly involved in practices, entertainment, and filthiness of fleash and spirit (Leviticus 19:2; Corinthians 7:1, Ephesians 5:26; 2 Timothy 2:21)

d.      Disregarding Baptism through immersion in water.


F.       Disciplinary Action

1.      The Brothers and Sisters of the Faith shall weigh the facts of the misconduct, the recommendation of the corporate board, and relevant scriptures in rendering their discipline.

2.      Discipline shall consist of the following

a.      Verbal reprimand – for infractions considered to be of a minor breach of conduct

b.      Written reprimand – for infractions in which the Brothers and Sisters of the Faith determine that compassion shall be rendered, but a warning is being issued that there will be no second chance for continued misconduct.

c.       Excommunication from the church – the infraction is so serious that the member’s continued association with the church is detrimental to the good order and discipline of the ministry.


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