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     Greetings from the beautiful island of Hawaii




'Aha Hui Māmala Hoa is a Christian religious order of the New Monasticism.

 We are a non-profit religious organization incorporated in the State of Hawaii.

 Utilitarian Aspects of the Order

Warrior Branch:  

Māmala Hoa was a company of warriors in ancient Hawaii under Kamehameha the Great. Kanawai Māmalahoa (law of the Splintered Paddle - also known as Kanawai Māmalahoe) was the law of the land that protected the elderly and children as they traveled. The modern Mamala Hoa order under the Mamala Hoa Ministry is comprised of  retired and active law enforcement and private security officers. As part of the Honor Guard program of Private Officer International, they perform Honor Guard ceremonies at the funerals of law enforcement and private security officers.

This branch does not require members to be religious or be part of the religious order. It is honorary and voluntary. Any proceeds raised by this branch is donated to the widow and orphan fund of Māmala  Hoa Ministry

http://privateofficer.com/   Private Officer International Website

Religious Branch:

The Māmala Hoa Christian Minisitry practices syncretism.

This means we are inclusive and embrace all of Christianity, ancient, modern, and postmodern. The world is too small to be exclusive and biased. Syncretism allows for resolution between contrary beliefs. All authority is not taught at one school. We subscribe to the command that Yeshua (Jesus) uttered in his Aramaic language,  "Mh krinete i na mh krighte", that is, "Judge not, lest ye be judged."  

Thus, we embrace all fellow Christians and do not judge. Although we are Protestant, we love Mormons, we love Catholics,  we love Jehovah's Witnesses, and all who believe in Christ.

Similarly, we are eclectic in our worship combining Hebrew, Aramaic, English and Latin into our worship of Yeshua (Jesus). We are comfortable with Luther's theology of the Cross alongside the Act of Contrition of the Catholic faith.

The word "Saturday" came from Sabbath day. All learned Christians know about the Romans choosing Sunday for the Sabbath. It's not a big deal to us - we practice the Sabbath on Saturday and Sunday.

Widows and orphans fund

We raise funds for the widows and orphans of former law enforcement and security personnel. To raise funds we conduct wedding ceremonies and funeral escort services and depend on donations from these activities. We are all volunteers and no receipts of funds go to any member of the Religious Order of 'Aha Hui Mamala Hoa.

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No dues, no tithes.

       Contact person:   [email protected]

 Phone (808) 494-8400

 Magnify the Trinity

Abba, Ben, Ruach HaKodesh


 All donations go towards our fund to support the widows and orphans of law enforcement and private security personnel.

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